Ngati Porou Trust Deed Review

The TRONPnui Trust Deed review represents a significant and exciting opportunity for all of Ngati Porou to reflect on how the Runanganui and its subsidiaries, are governing and managing your assets. You, as the owner of the asset (currently worth approximately $223 million), have the opportunity to change the way things are being done or ensure those aspects that are operating effectively are kept. The Trust Deed is the document that sets the standard that you can expect of your governing and management body. For a copy of the Trust Deed click here
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Ngati Porou ki Poneke hui at Horouta Marae 5 March 2017

Ngati Porou ki Poneke Taurahere met on 5 March at Horouta Marae and almost unanimously agreed to propose the following amendments to the Trust Deed:
  1. Amend the Runanganui Structure.
  2. Amend the representation model.
  3. Implement a financial distribution model in the Trust Deed.

A proposal was presented to the Runanganui Board (click here for a copy) outlining the amendments.

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Runanganui Board members hear Poneke Taurahere views on the Ngati Porou Trust Deed

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During the hui whanau heard from Chair, Sir Tamati Reedy, about the history of the Runanga and its successor the Runanganui and how Ngati Porou rallied unconditionally to support the establishment of these entities. Ngati Porou saw them as important and valuable 'connectors' for the people with home. Sir Tamati said that unfortunately once the settlement with the Crown was completed, the Runanganui virtually disengaged with Ngati Porou. Click here to read Sir Tamati Reedy's statement, (click here to read it in english).

Also whanau heard from Doug Hauraki who was instrumental in reviewing the Trust Deed for the Taurahere. He noted the following concerns raised by the Taurahere working group almost a year ago. They included:


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  • Noho kaenga bias...87% of Ngati Porou live outside the tribal boundaries.
  • Lack of transparency...on a need to know basisA heavily bureaucratic structure that is unable to control its spending
  • proper processes in place
  • There is confusion and overlap between the role of management and governance
  • There are too many subsidiaries and boards clipping the ticket
  • Government contracts that are unable to operate within their budget allocations
  • A Hauora that is in trouble
  • The elected members that we voted in are dis-empowered and not utilised at the board level
  • NP have disengaged...many other examples

These issues underpin the key changes being proposed by the Poneke Taurahere for the Trust Deed review. We expect that the three key changes will encapsulate all the issues raised and more.

NOTE - This is the first consultation round by the Runanganui to hear what Ngati Porou think about the way the Runanganui have managed our business since it’s establishment in 2010. There are more consultation rounds to come including an official period where the Runanganui will call for submissions from Ngati Porou for changes to the Trust Deed.