April Update

April update

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E Tu Ngati Porou Feedback and Programme

Celebrating being Ngati Porou

Three famous daughters of Poroumata

Three famous daughters of Poroumata and Whaene

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E Tu Ngati Porou Thankyou

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Trust Deed Review

WaiWh 01

Ngati Porou Trust Deed Review

Kia ora tatou 

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  • 22 March 2017

  • B Taare




Saturday 25 March at Victoria University
Law Faculty, Pipitea Campus

(the old Government Buildings on Lambton Quay)
(see below map for directions)

9:00am - Registration
9:30 - Mihi / Whakatau
10:00 - Ngati Porou Whakapapa
11:00 - Te Whariki
12:00pm - Lunch
1:00 - Wai Whakaata: Ngati Porou Reo
2:00 - Ngati Porou Waiata, Kapa Haka
3:00 - Kapu Ti
3:15 - Ngati Porou Trust Deed Review
4:30 - Ka mutu

Sunday 26 March at Kokiri Marae, Barnes Street, Seaview

10:00am - Mana Wahine Wananga: The role of Ngati Porou Women
10:30 - Whaikorero Wananga
11:00 - He Moni Whakaata - Whakakore Nama
12:00pm - Hakari
1:00 - Ka mutu

CONTACT: Mei 022 081 8255
Vic UniThe Victoria University Pipitea Campus runs West between Lambton Quay and Stout St. from the bus station to Whitmore Street within walking distance from the bus station or the railway station. If you are driving there is parking around the Government Buildings or on Stout St.
E Tu Ngati Porou will be at GB LT 1-LT 2 lecture theatres behind the Government Buildngs (see map). Registration starts at 9am

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  • 3 January 2017

  • B Taare

Minutes for first Ngati Porou ki Poneke Taurahere hui

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Minutes for first Ngati Porou ki Poneke Taurahere hui

when: 14 February 2016
where: Horouta Marae, Porirua at 11am
The hui was informative, challenging, good humoured and enjoyable - mostly fun! That joy spilled over into the shared kai that followed the korero. Beautiful, spontaneous waiata was the result...check out the video below-
click on the image.
Our beautiful Nati wahine perform He Putiputi Koe. Click here for the words.

Mihi and karakia

Chair, Sir Tamati opened the hui with mihi and karakia, welcoming everyone to the taurahere hui, especially TRONPnui CE, Herewini Te Koha.


Agenda item 1. Review of Runanganui AGM.

Matehaere Konia gave a brief overview of the November AGM which was attended by a small delegation from the Poneke taurahere. This was followed by Mei and Beau summarising the AGM using their Taurahere minutes distributed on 6 December (copy of those minutes, click here).

Arising from this agenda item was a motion from Lady Tilly that a complaint be made to the TRONPnui about its expenditure of $10 million which was simply listed in its Financial Report as "Other". It was felt that the TRONPnui showed an arrogant disregard for the owners of this money (us, Ngati Porou) by expecting this lack of transparency to be OK. It was not good enough and must not happen again.

The hui agreed to give CE, Herewini, the right of reply (which he did) but at the conclusion of the hui, the question of how the money was spent was not explained. Following the hui the executive resolved to follow-up with a formal email request to the TRONPnui Chair (and copy Herewini in) for an explanation about the expenditure of this money.

Agenda item 2. Review of the Runanganui Trust Deed.

Beau spoke to this item explaining that this Deed is the document that empowers the TRONPnui to govern and manage Ngati Porou assets of more than $220 million. The Deed is being reviewed this year. The Taurahere has established a Working Group to begin the review of the Deed. The Working Group is open to any Ngati Porou but if people cannot attend these meetings, the Group intends to report its progress at each taurahere hui.
Beau proposed 5 points for consideration during this Review. They are:
  1. Purpose: what is the purpose of our Runanganui and is it still the same (as when the Deed was written 5 years ago?).
  2. Noho kainga bias: is this still necessary? Are there other ways to ensure hau kainga are provided for?
  3. How is the money spent? Review the 'distribution' model?
  4. Transparency: can the Deed help ensure transparency? It has not... some grumbling about the various sub committees, the myriad non-mandated boards, the appearance that only certain people are 'shoulder-tapped' for roles and the general lack of transparency around this process. A lack of communication is also a big issue.
  5. Accountability: how to ensure accountability of the governance and management team.

Agenda item 3. Runanganui Chief Executive, Herewini Te Koha.

H spoke eloquently and clearly for at least 30 minutes addressing many issues and concerns that were raised but also reminding people about some of the ongoing TRONPnui projects e.g. Nati Power. Among other things he spoke to the issue of the $10 million but while he did not explain where the money went, he agreed that this type of 'accounting explanation' was not good enough. The message was clear that even though the auditors gave TRONPnui a clean bill of health, Ngati Porou did not.

The registration process - which the taurahere found to be extremely bureaucratic and unpleasant - was also discussed. He said it was necessary to find the right threshold for registration as the current process is clearly losing the 'hearts and minds' of Ngati Porou. The hui agreed it's the likely reason why our numbers are reducing (and not because Natis are not doing their bit!!).

He also talked about the financials and our debt levels and referred to the $4 million spent on purchasing and renovating the old DB Tavern - now, Te Tini o Porou.

Agenda item 4. Review of 2016 Calendar.

Mei ran quickly through the calendar inviting people leading specific activities to promote their kaupapa to the hui. Copy of the calendar - click here.

Agenda item 5. Taurahere finances.

Mei advised the hui that the Runanganui had allocated $10,000 to the Taurahere. This was warmly acknowledged by the hui. George Konia (Treasurer) gave a brief update on the current bank balance which is $500, $400 of it was raised by raffles at the recent Wellington festival, Te Ra o Te Raukura. George reminded everyone that we also have a $2,000 OD. And, we look forward to receiving the $10,000 from the Runanganui.

Agenda item 6. Other business.

Doug Hauraki had 2 take. He is resigning from his position on the Wellington Area Police Maori Advisory Board and felt it was appropriate for a person from the taurahere to fill this role. Other local taurahere are already represented on this board. Until a person is identified and endorsed by the taurahere, Mei is happy to be the representative but sees this as being very short-term.

Doug also proposed that at his next Golf Fundraiser, Ngati Porou kapa haka might like to participate. He was very complimentary about the sweetness of their singing. The whakaaro from this event would be about $2000! Wow, thanks Doug!

Raukawa Maxwell thanked all those who supported and participated in Te Ra o te Raukura Festival held at Te Whiti Park, 30 January. The 4 raffles which Beau, Mei and Bub Konia ran raised over $400 and were won by Herewini Te Koha, David Jones, Janine Tahau and Cathy Morton.
Merlene Maxwell-Wehi presented 5 x Haka in the Park, 3rd place winner certificates to the 'Instant Nati Kapa Haka' group that performed at Haka in the Park after just 2 practises. Sir Tamati accepted the certificates on behalf of the roopu.

Kapu ti: 

Arguably the best part of the hui happened after the korero! The kai was delicious but a magical, impromptu waiata session broke out spontaneously following discussions about the proposed launch of the $50 note in April.

Ngati Porou day!

Out of this inspirational moment rose talk about holding a Ngati Porou Day! So whanau, if Merlene comes knocking for some assistance, please say yes!

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kowhai flower

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Help the Poneke Taurahere set this right. Change is coming!


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Next taurahere hui Sunday 23 August at Kokiri Marae


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URGENT hui at Kokiri Marae 29 July 2015

30 July 2015

The Chairman and Board Members of
Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou
Kaiti, Gisborne

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