Minutes Of Ngati Porou Ki Poneke Executive Committee, 11 March 2015

In attendance: Tamati and Tilly Reedy, Matehaere & Puhiwahine Konia, George Konia, Beau & Mei Taare and Rowena WiRepa



  • 2014 Reflection
  • Any outstanding actions
  • Financial report
  • 2015 Planning
  • Wānanga dates for the Taurahere 

Everyone reflected on the 2014 events and projects.  Ngata Lectures was highlighted as the successful event of the year.  The group reflected on the positive outcomes and lessons learnt to improve planning for 2015.

An update from the representatives that attended the Ngati Porou Annual General hui (AGM) at Tokomaru, Pakirikiri Marae at the end of last year.  We were congratulated on the success of the Ngata Lectures by one of the attendees at the AGM. She had attended all the lectures and felt Poneke was the best, well organised and really enjoyable.

A report is being compiled and will be circulated to the Committee for reading at the next hui. A few main points were discussed.  Three patai were tabled and no response was forth coming from Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou.  The Committee expressed disappointment for the continuous disregard, no communication and consultation with the Ngati Porou ki Poneke Taurahere.

Action: AGM report to be circulated to representatives first and then tabled at the next Executive hui before the wider Taurahere.

Ngati Porou Runanganui 
The Taurahere committee discussed some of the changes in Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou Board, due to the sad loss of Uncle Apirana, in particular the appointment of Selwyn Parata as the Acting Board Chairman.  Conversations have started with the Acting Board Chairman and will continue.

One topic of interest is the up and coming Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou Board elections.  An important issue was to clarify why Ngati Porou whānau have to register and identify themselves as Ngati Porou.  Many Ngati Porou do not understand this requirement.  Part of the process is to produce identification ie: driver’s licence and passport. Consideration must be made for many pakeke who do not have this documentation.

If the registration is a requirement from Crown then the Committee will understand the reasoning, however this needs to be explained from the Runanganui to the people.  The lack of communication and consultation is another example why the Runanganui relationship is not the best with their people.

A question was raised about the last census data in 2013. It said Ngati Porou population had dropped to 72,000 from 76,000.  Why has this happened?   

Action: Invite Acting Board Chairman, Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, Selwyn Parata, to a Ngati Porou ki Poneke Taurahere hui: to be advised and venue to be confirmed.
Key topics to discuss include:

  • Communication and consultation with the Taurahere
  • Representation of Poneke Taurahere on the board.
  • Ongoing funding for the Taurahere

2015 Programme 
Discussed 2015 programme, dates and venues to be advised.  A draft strategic plan was tabled. Key pou were identified: cultural, social, political and economic. 
Members of the committee were assigned to help coordinate each pou to ensure that planned events are fully resourced from the wider Taurahere. While it was agreed these committee members would coordinate the pou the success of any events will depend on the support of the entire Taurahere. This will be discussed further at the next hui.

Cultural – Rowena
It was agreed to follow the same format as in 2014 e.g. capturing experiences from back home with storytelling, waiata and reo. A suggestion was made to record and collect the stories as a resource.

Key components in this pou are:

  • Te reo Māori
  • Whakapapa
  • Waiata, moteatea, haka. 

Social – Mei

  • Organise events that create whakawhānaungatanga to build the roopu.
  • Ngati Porou (mid-year) celebration
  • Ngati Porou Day
  • Other social events 

Political – Beau

  • The key focus for this is the elections and getting representation on the TRONP board.
  • Identify and set policy
  • Identify potential representatives
  • Set strategy to ensure the Taurahere is represented on the board.
  • Other discussion included:
  • Funding
  • Registration
  • Backup plan e.g. if unsuccessful how can we get representation at the board table e.g. non-voting participation.
  • Advocate for a kaumatua group to advise TRONP Board.

Economic – George

  • Ensure the Taurahere has secure funding to support initiatives.
  • Seek funding from Ngati Porou Runanganui
  • Develop a funding strategy e.g. membership fees
  • Subscriptions, koha
  • Sponsorship e.g. ANZ
  • Lois Reid donation from fundraising.

Financial report
Papers reconciling bank account were circulated prior to the hui and presented.  Bank account is a deficit $1,323.86 largely because of the shortfall from the Ngata Lectures. The Treasurer was recognised for the thorough financial reporting. Lois Reid’s $490 koha was acknowledged. It had been banked but was not showing on the statements.

2015 Wānanga Dates
Preliminary calendar dates for hui (to be confirmed):
April 19 – venue (Te Herenga Waka) - VUW
May 24 – Horouta Marae, Porirua
June 21 – Kokiri Seaview Marae – Seaview
June 27 – Ngati Porou dinner – venue to be confirmed
July 26 – Orongomai Marae – Upper Hutt
Aug 23 – Kokiri Marae Seaview – Seaview
Sept 20 – Orongomai Marae – Upper Hutt
Oct 18 – venue (Te Herenga Waka) - VUW
Nov 22 – Final hui at Kokiri Marae – Seaview

Hui finished at 8.30pm.

  • 25 March 2015

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