Te TAURAHERE o NGATI POROU ki PONEKE meeting minutes 19 April 2015

Meeting held 19th April 2015 at 1pm

Mihi: Chair - Sir Tamati Reedy
Karakia: Kaumatua Waata Peita
Apologies: Rowena WiRepa, John Clarke, Tina Ratana, Iritana Tawhiwhirangi, Taina McGregor, Barry Soutar, Pere Maitai, Bill Kaua.
Chair welcomed everyone and outlined the process for the day beginning with a special waiata session, requested by Pania Houkamau-Ngaheu, in the wharekai and then back to the whare nui for the balance of the meeting. All adjourned to the Wharekai where Pania lead this session. Once completed the meeting resumed in the Wharenui.
Focus for 2015
Chair began the meeting explaining that the Executive Committee had proposed the Taurahere focus on four areas this year. They are: tikanga (cultural), social (whakawhānaungatanga), political (TRONP elections) and financial. Members of the committee had taken ‘ownership’ of specific areas and would speak to that kaupapa. Committee members were keen to share ideas and wanted people to join working groups to support these areas of focus.
Chair noted that Barry Soutar (Taurahere Auckland) wanted to attend one of our hui to discuss the issues raised by our Taurahere executive regarding the Runanganui’s lack of communication with iwi. Mei Taare agreed to provide Barry with dates for our future hui.
Chair also noted that Taina McGregor has copies of the Maori version of “The Price of Citizenship – He Toto Heke, He Tipare ki te Ukaipo” available at ‘whanau price’ for purchase. She is selling them on behalf of Nga Taonga o Nga Tamatoa Trust. All inquiries to Taina on 04 526 6527 or 04 462 3976.
1. CULTURAL – Mei Taare (on behalf of Rowena Wirepa):

  • At each monthly meeting, Ngaere McClutchie would lead various waiata / kapa haka. At this hui Ngaere led everyone through Karangatia ra.
  • Matariki celebrations in July – Ngaere and Puti Mackey spoke to this take. Suggested learning various C Company waiata, including Karangatia ra, for start of Matariki Celebration at Te Papa. There were criteria that would need to be met and Puti Mackey agreed to provide a copy of the programme.
  • Learning of tuturu Ngati Porou waiata including moteatea
  • Whakapapa.
  • Cultural working group: Rowena, Ngaere, Makere Joe, Jay Houpapa, Trish Sullivan. To join the working group or provide support, contact Rowena on 021 1439004.

2.  SOCIAL – Mei Taare proposed the following ideas:

  • A mid-Year fundraiser dinner (perhaps built around Matariki) where an evening similar to the dinner at the Ngata lectures (filled with impromptu waiata, korero, etc), would be shared and enjoyed by all. The family restaurant, Blue Water Bar & Grill on Oriental Parade, which is owned by one of the Nati whanau, was proposed as a venue. Mei agreed to identify a date in late June and costs.
  • Film evening fundraiser: a small charge would cover the costs and assist with improving our funds. Kitty Bennett agreed to organise the first one. Watch this space!
  • Possibility of a Xmas lunch/dinner to be held around November.
  • Ideas for social events throughout the year and people to ‘run’ them were encouraged.
  • People were again asked to join one or more of the working groups, as the committee would like assistance with the various ‘portfolios’. All help would be gratefully received.
  • Social working group: Mei, Kitty, Lillian Reedy. To join the working group or provide support, contact Mei 022 0818255.

3.  POLITICAL – Beau Taare led the discussion outlining the executive committee’s thoughts about the upcoming TRONP Board elections. Discussion was robust and constructive.
In general the executive proposed:

  • To effect change on how the TRONP conducts its business and the way it communicates with Ngati Porou by working with all Poneke Taurahere members to try to get 1 or 2 representatives elected to the TRONP Board.
  • Beau and Mei explained that at the last election, Auckland Taurahere identified one candidate for the election (Barry Soutar). They rallied around and voted for him only – and were successful in getting Barry onto the Board.
  • It was hoped that this strategy would work for Poneke too.

The Chair explained that most Ngati Porou now live away from home and it was important to have more than one person on the Board representing this vast group. He explained that there are Taurahere in Hamilton and Christchurch too. 
The proportion of Ngati Porou in each Taurahere is thought to be: Auckland - 18,000; Wellington - 12,000; Christchurch – 10,000; Hamilton – 8,000 which means more than 50,000 live away from home and this number does not include the many thousands in Australia.
Questions were raised about the registration process for the elections. The process appears to be onerous and possibly very difficult for some pakeke to meet. Also some members were annoyed that they should have to ‘prove’ their Ngati Porou ancestry. Another member commented that there should be as few barriers as possible to registering to vote and voting.
Te Rau Kupenga provided clarification around various aspects of TRONP and the upcoming elections. He explained that most of the information is available on the Runanganui’s website.
Beau and Mei agreed to gather all the information about the registration process and TRONP Board elections for presenting to the Taurahere at the next hui. (Click here to view the Runanganui’s website page regarding the upcoming elections).
The meeting was asked to put forward names and contact details of people for consideration as either a candidate to represent the Taurahere at the TRONP elections and/or to participate in the political working group.
Political working group: Beau, Tilly, Pania, Keith Paenga, Raniera Albert, Cherish Wilkinson, Riripeti. To join the working group, contact Beau 027 2029220.
4.  FINANCE – George Konia (Treasurer) presented an update of the Taurahere’s financial situation and asked the meeting to consider various ways to raise funds.
Puti Mackey proposed an annual Registration fee of $20. There was general consensus that this was a good idea for those 18 and over to pay $20 and for the younger ones to pay the amount equivalent to their age e.g. 7 years old = $7. Some members took the initiative and immediately paid their $20 fee to George.
For everyone else, the Taurahere bank account details are: 06 0254 0143706 00. Don’t forget to include your name(s).
Financial working group: George, Te Rau, Cherish. To join the Financial working group, contact George 027 2355845.
The meeting closed at 3.15pm with Karakia.
Next meeting 24 May, 11am to 1pm. Venue to be confirmed.